Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Update

So, here's the list I started with for Lent...let's see how I did!

try five new recipes
got this one on lock: spicy orange chicken, chicken fajitas, chicken piccata, 
jerk chicken kebabs, and turkey meatballs and tomato sauce
work on the lentil recipe I have for the crock pot
 done - made that this week, it was much better.

organize the sock drawer
definitely better than on Ash Wednesday....the socks are no longer spilling out and causing issues.  but it probably still needs some work...mainly for sentimental reasons.  Have you ever lost one half of your favorite pair of socks and been unwilling to let the other one go?  I have.
clean out my closets and take things to the salvation army
did this one.  then found out I needed to donate things to another organization in August.  oops.
get the print that we bought in israel framed
get the print that Gates got in south africa framed
check and check
print pictures from the wedding and frame them and display them
if only pictures didn't have that s on the end!  we framed one big group shot.
paint a picture for my goddaughter's door
take the picture to my goddaughter 
yep, for sure. wrote about it here.
take pictures of the things my sister and I have painted and get the etsy store running
didn't do this one.  I think this was just not high enough on my priority list.
I need some outside motivation to get this one done...maybe from my sister.
find abita strawberry, save for easter
whoa.  this turned out to be WAY harder than I expected.
while in New Orleans, dear friends found me a six-pack at Rouses, YAY!
plan a vacation for May
done!  leaving on May 9th, can't wait!
see two live music acts
Kermit Ruffins and Lady Gaga.  awesome.
finish the painting I started in our living room 
I meant the dining room, but that didn't really matter.  I didn't do it.
this has the highest probability of making it on the Great 50 Days of Easter list.
finish reading "the blessing of a skinned knee"
this one took me very little time, because I didn't realize I only had about twenty pages left. love this book!
get a plan together to learn more spanish 
oh dear.  I didn't even remember that this was on the list.
I really really want to learn Spanish.

I am writing a new list for Easter...the season, not the day, which is pretty much over.
The only thing on my to-do list for today is going to sleep.

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  1. you forgot...
    Become Rachel's art bud...since nobody else wants to hang out in the garage! ha!