Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter List!

New season in the church means new list on the blog.

Here's what I want to accomplish before Pentecost - which is June 12th this year, y'all.

clean out my desk - and clear off the top of it too

clean out my craft supplies, particularly fabric
hang up the things we got framed during lent

try four new recipes

finish reading Stuff

update my CDO profile and my resume

decide what color to paint the bedroom

get the rest of our china ordered

finish the painting in our dining room (for real this time)

*Pentecost is also the staff training day for the camp session that Gates and I are directing at Bratton-Green.  We still have spots for kiddos that have completed the third and fourth grades.  Head over to graycenter.org if you know a child that would enjoy summer camp!

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