Tuesday, January 11, 2011

oh, the magical internet

websites you should read if you aren't already:

Etiquette Hell - the premise here is simple.  if your friend or relative has done something worthy of being banished to Etiquette Hell, write in to this website.  They publish a few stories of abject behavior every week.

amalah - blog written by a stay-at-home-mom/stay-at-home-writer with two boys in the Washington, DC metro area.  I know somebody who saw her once at 2 Amys, a pizza restaurant near the National Cathedral.   It's like we are bff.

Dear Prudence - advice column at Slate.  always a ridiculous mix of sticky situations and problems that have obvious solutions.

Project Rungay - the original focus was Project Runway, but now Tom and Lorenzo blog about fashion in general.  They are hilarious, and so their blog is hilarious.  It also has a great layout for browsing.

Swistle Baby Names - Swistle advises people on what they should name their baby, based on their parameters.  It's like a logic puzzle, figuring out complex questions like: what name is like Basil but more masculine and starting with C and not ending in D, E, or R and sounds good with the sibling name Morris?

Mamapop - it's pop culture celebrity gossip guess who's pregnant and cheating on their boyfriend have you heard of the kardashians? etc.  And I check it every morning.