Saturday, April 2, 2011

drug tests

dear parents of kids in grades ten through twelve,

You should definitely be drug testing your kids.  Here's why:

One:  Peer pressure is an amazing force of nature.  Kids need a reason why they can't smoke pot.  If you regularly drug test your kids, then they have a reason: you, their totally lame parents. 

Two:   Many kids will smoke pot at some point in high school.  If they have pretty immediate consequences, that will help them figure out that it is a bad idea.

Three:  There's no real down side.  It's pretty easy to do - they sell them online, you mail in a hair and can get the results online in seven-ten business days.  Click here for one option.

Maybe your kids get drug tested at school - that makes this a bit easier.  But make sure you know how often the school tests your kids...every 90 days or so is a good idea, because that's how long a hair test works.

And remember, this has nothing to do with your kid being good or bad or smart or not.  Even the best and smartest kids will make bad decisions from time to time.  If you establish that drug testing is part of your family's plan for the teenage years, then it's not about their new friend that you don't like or whatever.  It's just part of their life. 

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