Thursday, April 21, 2011

lentils...they're what's for dinner.

Clergy couple + Holy Week = not a lot of time to make dinner.

Monday-Wednesday went pretty well, but we knew heading into this week that Thursday-Saturday were not going to be so great as far as time in the home.

That means ... lentil time!  This recipe for Indian spiced lentils in the crock-pot makes enough for both of us to have dinner tonight and the next two nights.  It's also delicious enough that we want to eat it three nights in a row.  Perfect.  So, I ran home this afternoon between a coffee appointment and the Maundy Thursday prep meeting to throw it together. 

The first time we made the crock-pot lentils, we made a hybrid of that recipe and this one.  It was not nearly spicy enough.  So this time, I just used the first recipe and tripled many of the spices...specifically the coriander, tumeric, mustard, and cumin.  I did not triple the garlic or the parsley.  I added a bit more kosher salt, but not triple.  And an extra can of green chiles.

I didn't add the chicken to the crock-pot, because I couldn't find the chicken in the freezer.  Worked out though, Gates cooked some chicken and brown rice when he got home from the Chapel.

I kinda hate that I forgot to take a picture, but I guess I will have a couple of days to get that photo.  Also, it's not the most photogenic dish in the world.

Here are my favorite new-ish songs right now...

look at me now
by busta rhymes, lil wayne, and chris brown
(not safe for work or kids)
this is technically chris brown's song, but I put the artists in order of my preference

if I die young, the band perry

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