Thursday, April 7, 2011

living on the west side of state

I just found out that we can't watch the stories that we DVR in the living room in our bedroom because...well...we live on the west side of state street.  That option isn't available to us yet. 

back before we got married, when it was just my house, lots of people expressed concern that I had bought a house on the "wrong" side of state.  This was confusing for me.   I live on a quiet street, I have lovely neighbors, it's a shockingly short commute to work, what more could I want?

the first time I tried to order pizza, I got an error message from Papa John's online.  it said that my house was too far away from the local Papa John's branch to get delivery...but I knew that it wasn't really very far, so I called.  Turns out, they don't deliver over here.   I could go pick up the pizza at the store - but I have enough neighborhood pride that I usually just order from Pizza Hut, which is happy to bring pizza to my home.  After all, if papa john's doesn't want me as a customer, then I should not want them as a pizza provider, right?

for a while, I didn't have a security system, but eventually I decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to get one.  The guy who came to install it told me that he thought it was a good idea for a single girl to have a security system, but that I probably didn't need to worry much about everyone knew that the houses were nicer on the other side of the street, so most thieves went over there in the hopes of better loot.  This news was strangely comforting. 

and later pepper the beagle and then my husband moved in.  I am not here alone any more - and I rarely think about my safety.   I do religiously set the house alarm and take great pains to hide the things that I would be upset about getting stolen - the things that would not be valuable to anyone else like they are to me....a necklace we got on our honeymoon from a store very much like Anthropologie, if Anthropologie only sold accessories... But that's just common sense, right? 

Or do people really live differently over there, in the land of promise just a two or three blocks east of here?

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  1. Is waking up on the wrong side of the street every day like waking up on the wrong side of the bed?