Wednesday, March 9, 2011

To-Do List

I recently read a blog post where the author listed all of her new year's resolutions from 2010 AND 'fessed up as to whether or not she had accomplished them.  I am not much for new year's resolutions...too overwhelming at an overwhelming time of year.  But I am great at making to-do lists and checking things off.  So this is going to be my official Lenten project - getting as many things on the list below done as possible.  And blogging. 

try five new recipes
work on the lentil recipe I have for the crock pot
organize the sock drawer
clean out my closets and take things to the salvation army
get the print that we bought in israel framed
get the print that Gates got in south africa framed
print pictures from the wedding and frame them and display them
paint a picture for my goddaughter's door
take the picture to my goddaughter
take pictures of the things my sister and I have painted and get the etsy store running
find abita strawberry, save for easter
plan a vacation for May
see two live music acts
finish the painting I started in our living room
finish reading "the blessing of a skinned knee"
get a plan together to learn more spanish

There's a lot on this list - we shall see how it goes!


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