Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Alright, so, I had wanted to see Black Swan for weeks before I did.  It premiered, it went to a major market release...but it didn't make it to Jackson.  And then, one day, it was at Malco.  And I was very excited.

Gates and I went to see it one afternoon....and it was horrible.  I don't mean that the cinematography or the acting was terrible - it was a well shot, well acted movie.  But I hated almost every minute of it.  I did not know that I had signed up to see Natalie Portman slip into insanity...and watching that journey made me anxious beyond belief.  The scenes where she pulled at her cuticles....there are no words for how awful they were.  If I had possessed an ounce of sense, I would have left...but leaving seemed like the wimpy thing to do.  After all, it was just a movie, right?  And the make-up was awesome, if nothing else.

So I was jumpy for the rest of the day.  And then I had nightmares for two nights. 

Over spring break, Gates took the EYC from Chapel of the Cross to see The Unknown.  I went with them, because it was my day off.  I had heard that it was good - and I have liked Liam Neeson for years, thanks to Love Actually. But the poor guy couldn't figure out who he was - his wife wouldn't talk to him.  And the camera work was full of spins and other obvious visual representations of confusion. 

I made it about forty-five minutes in the movie before I left.

Then I told Gates I would see him later and went to Hudson's. 

Next movie I see in the theater is a romantic comedy.

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  1. this just made me laugh out loud! i like weird movies. so i thought black swan was kinda cool. no more nightmares!