Wednesday, March 16, 2011

brand new recipe number three

tonight's dinner was from this book:

I ordered it from Amazon in anticipation of needing new recipes to try.  And it has a ton of recipes that look good.  We definitely had a hard time deciding what to try first.

We picked the turkey meatballs in red sauce.  Gates cooked while I shredded old EOBs and bills.  It was quite the evening of domesticity.  We had the sauce over whole wheat pasta. This is, by a good bit, my favorite of the recipes we have tried this Lent.  It did take an eternity - mainly because the meatballs have to set up for at least an hour, but the product was worth it. 

Anyway, if you are thinking about ordering this book, do it!  I was not expecting the lengthy explanations as to why the recipe has certain ingredients rather than others, but it does make you appreciate the concept of the test kitchen.


  1. This really was astoundingly good. I think as we get better in the kitchen and plan ahead more, the cook time will decrease.

  2. It's not in a book, but if y'all like Enchiladas, I have an amazing recipe given to me by a good friend of mine who learned from her Guatemalan mother. Let me know!