Thursday, September 15, 2011

E is for Elliott.

Last September, Design Sponge had a DIY entry on making a letter-shaped lamp.   Design Sponge always has neat ideas, but this one stuck with me.   I really wanted that lamp.   For the front of my house. 

But there were a few problems.  Or, really, one big problem:  I knew that I couldn't make that lamp.  At least half of the steps included a material or process with which I am not familiar.  So...I was going to need to find a ready-made E.    But what are the odds of finding that?  This project got put in the "that would be nice if it worked out some day, sigh" pile. 

It stayed in that pile for a whole year until.....two weeks ago!  When we went to the Flowood Flea Market* and found ourselves a big plastic E!!

It used to be part of a sign (the O is still available if anyone is interested). 

Converting it into the outdoor light fixture I've always wanted took a bit of prep, but it all got done pretty quickly.  I spray-painted it green, took off most of the old hardware, found an appropriate outdoor string of lights, and drilled holes for the bulbs.

It's pretty awesome...check it out:


*  If you are ever lost on the way to the Flowood Flea Market, don't stop by the airport to look at google maps on your phone.  The authorities will not be impressed.

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