Sunday, May 15, 2011

juan's flying burrito

We had a late lunch on Friday at Juan's Flying Burrito (I found this photo online because I forgot to take one).    Juan's is one of our favorite restaurants - if we were making a list of the places we eat most often, it would be top ten....never mind the fact that it's about three hours from our house to that sign.   We go to the one Uptown on Magazine - I hear that there's another branch somewhere....allegedly the waitstaff is nicer at the other location, but the food is not as good.

My favorite of all time is the jerk chicken burrito.  delicious.  This time, Gates and I shared it along with the guac/salsa/queso with chips.   The service was strangely in, we got all of our food within ten minutes of walking in the door.  Can't say enough good things about Juan's.

You should also know that we spent about half of our lunch talking about opening a burrito place in Jackson.  We think the city needs one - probably somewhere near Millsaps.  Neither Gates nor I have spent much time waiting tables or managing a restaurant...but we did watch Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey A WHOLE LOT last year.  It's all about fresh, local, ingredients, apparently. 

So, let me know if you want in on the burrito idea!  We are totally ready for such a venture, I promise.....

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