Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the sixth of December

Last night, we went to Babalu, because I was in a horrid mood after an encounter with Williams-Sonoma.  The food was very good, particularly the shrimp tacos (shrimp was the fish of the day).  I may have to go eat the fish tacos again very soon.  We also had Mexican street corn, guac, and empanadas.  Delicious.  The best part came at the end of the evening.  I had asked to see the menu again because I thought I might try one more thing.  I decided on the corn.  Just as I said to Gates, "I really wish the waitress would come by so I could order the corn," our waitress appeared and put an order of corn on our table.  We immediately came to the conclusion that either a) Babalu has hidden recording devices listening for what people want OR b) our server was psychic.    Sadly, we soon found out that neither was true.  We had gotten the corn meant for another table.   Unbelievably, that possibility had not occurred to me. 

So, Babalu = WIN

Williams-Sonoma on the other hand...whoa.  Basically, I placed an order online using 8 different gift cards.  I know, ridiculous, but we had bunch of cards in varying denominations and we wanted a knife set.  Knives are expensive.  I arranged things so that all of my gift cards would be used except one, which had a fairly large amount of money on it (it was our merchandise return credit from returning things that we got doubles of after the wedding).   I did this so that we would only have to carry one card around.  The W-S website told me that all of my cards were cashed out except the one, so I threw the cashed out cards away.  And then...yesterday, I went to buy a few things at W-S and was told that my card had a zero balance.  Turns out, the W-S website does not take credit off the cards in either a) the order you input them or b) the order in which it says it will take the credit off.  So, their ordering system used all of my credit on one card and left the other cards active - you know, the ones I threw away!!!  because their website said they were without value!!!!   Customer service admitted that this was their fault, but was not sure that they could do anything.  They were supposed to call me back today, but I haven't heard a thing.   SOOOO frustrating.

Williams-Sonoma = epic, monumental fail. 

Before going to W-S though, I stopped by the Apple Store to get my poor sad iPhone face fixed.  It had been broken since the week of our wedding.  Much to my surprise, the guy said that they have an unofficial policy that everyone get's one do-over with the iPhone.  Since I had not taken my do-over yet, I got a brand new phone for free.  SWEET.

Apple = WIN!!

quite the day, it was.

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